About Di Lorenzo

The story of Di Lorenzo Caffé began with a passion for drinking and
sharing espresso coffee. Growing up in Abruzzo, a region in Italy lying
less than 80km due east of Rome, Aldo Cozzi and Mina Di Lorenzo, the
founders of 'Di Lorenzo Caffé' embraced coffee culture from an early age.


Coffee culture is omnipresent in Italy and its' story dates back to the 1600's
when coffee houses began to appear in major cities. The revolution in the
history of espresso (fast) coffee came in 1947 when Achile Gaggia registered
a new patent for a lever operated piston which was simple to operate by hand
and would force hot water drawn directly from the boiler through the coffee cake.
The use of the piston meant extraction resulted in essential oils and colloids from 
the coffee creating a rich hazel-coloured crema on top of the resultant beverage.
Today this is seen as the defining characteristic of espresso, however at this time
this new beverage was renamed 'Caffé Crema' (cream coffee) in order to
distinguish it from the pre-existing espresso beverages. The arrival of the caffé crema
marked not only the creation of a distinctive Italian-Style coffee, but also the birth of a
mass Italian coffee culture...
The coffee culture that Aldo and Mina grew up with. The pair met at a bus stop in the late
1970's, fell in love, got married and had a beautiful son, Andrea. In 2000 Aldo felt the pull to
return to Australia (his country of birth). Mina and Andrea were excited about the prospect of
major change, so with free spirits the family packed their bags and moved. After spending the
first couple of years travelling, the Cozzi family settled in Sydney. They soon grew tired of not
being able to find a good espresso,reminiscent of the Italian-Style espresso they were accust-
omed to. Aldo wanted people to try espresso the way it was done when he was growing up in Italy.


The Cozzi family found a shop on Boundary Street and with what little money they could scrape together tiled
it, put in the benches and painted it. Over a few months Aldo developed a blend of espresso which truly
delivers the rich flavours, aromas and crema of Italian espresso! The Cafe was a success! It was everything
the family had hoped for, a place where coffee culture could be celebrated, which would bring people
together; somewhere patrons could feel at home and share good espresso! The coffee became so popular
that the family started wholesaling it as 'Di Lorenzo Caffé'!



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